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Workshop on “Cloud Computing and Exploring Public Cloud Security” (07, 08-Dec-2023) ECE

The 2-day Hands-On Training Workshop was conducted in association with Krish, an Enterprise Cloud Security Architect, Cloud Security Consultant and Migration Strategist. He has more than 18 years of experience and proven expertise in deploying, migrating, and securing various Cloud Platforms including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure. He has trained more than 1000 students globally including those from Fortune 500 Companies and is a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

The Sessions were conducted to familiarise our students with the basics of delivering computing services – including Servers, Storage, Analytics, and Intelligence over the Internet (Cloud) to offer faster innovation and flexible resources with 3 main service categories: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS).
The concerned resource person began with Virtualisation fundamentals, moved over to Cloud Fundamentals, and entered into Cloud Service and Deployment Models. This was followed by a demo explanation of Cloud Server Deployment and Web-Server Configuration. The students were then introduced to deploying Storage in the Cloud. The important Security concepts specific to Cloud Computing which include Firewalls, Identity and Access Management (IAM), Segmentation, and Encryption were briefly elaborated.

The students were introduced to current Career Opportunities in Cloud Computing and Cloud Security. As more and more Companies are becoming increasingly dependent on Digital platforms, there is a growing need for skilled and experienced youngsters to ensure the safety of these Critical Systems by reducing the risk of data loss/leakage, privacy and confidentiality issues, legal and regulatory compliance, etc. Students had an exciting session where the concerned resource person gave a deep insight into the current job positions (delved deep into pre-requisites of various positions like Cyber Security Consultant, Security Analyst, Risk Analyst, etc.) and trends in this ever-changing domain.

The Students and Staff Members who attended this Workshop gained deep knowledge of Cloud Computing basics, trends, and requirements in this domain and immensely benefited from the Hands-on Workshop on these 2 days.

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Technical Workshop Session on “Ham Radio”

This session was conducted by Electronics and Communication Technical Association (ECTA) on 25-05-2022 (Friday) (10am-12.30 pm, ECE Seminar Hall) for all Students and Staff of ECE Dept, MESITAM in association with Active Amateur Ham Radio Society Kollam.
The Session was supervised by 3 HAM Enthusiasts who are professionals in their respective fields:
1. Nishanth Sir, ITI Karicode
2. Hafeez Sir, Hewlett Packard
3. Navas Sir, KSRTC
The Session helped to familiarise the basics of HAM Concepts, its use in Emergency in situations and disasters etc. The various types of licenses, the procedure to obtain an amateur HAM license was explained and students were then a given a practical hands-on session on concepts of its use, its equipments etc.

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Industrial Visit to Mercedes-Benz India's ADAM Facility at GEC Campus, Barton Hill, TVM

The Department of ECE in association with Electronics & Communication Technical Association (ECTA) organised an Industrial Visit for S6 and S8 ECE students to Mercedes-Benz India’s ADAM (Advanced Diploma in Advanced Mechatronics) Facility at Government Engineering College Campus, Barton Hill, Thiruvananthapuram on May 23rd, 2022.

A total of 14 students and 4 Staff Members went for the Industrial Visit during which Students and accompanying Staff Members were given a deep insight into the various Automatic Embedded Systems and Sensors used in latest-model Mercedes Benz vehicles. They were also briefed about various actuations, Multifunction Diagnosis Tools, Control Units, Communication Bus, Multimedia Network Technology used in these vehicles etc.

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PTA MEETING S1 ECE ON 23/02/2022

The first PTA meeting of ECE2021-2025 batch was held on 23/02/2022 (wed) from 2.15 PM-3.30 PM at Computer lab Dept.of ECE. Our Principal Dr. Najee M addressed the parents and staff advisor Prof. Azad A discussed Academic matters and students issues with parents. The meeting ended with interaction between parents and faculty handling classes for s1 ECE batch

Xilinx Spartan VI FPGA Development Board using Xilinx IDE platform

A 1-day Workshop was conducted by Dept of ECE, MESITAM in association with ECTA (Electronics and Communication Technical Association) on Xilinx Spartan VI FPGA Development Board using Xilinx IDE platform for 2nd and 3rd year ECE students on 17/2/2022 (Thu). The Workshop was handled by Mr. S. Raja, Product Development Engineer, Silicon Systems, Coimbatore.

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Online PES Gaming Tournament for Plus-Two students

23 June 2021
ECTA conducted an Online PES Football Gaming Tournament for Plus-Two Students as part of energizing the students of Plus Two who are confined to their homes and are not able to take part in any physical sports due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Around 40 students from various schools across Kollam, Alapuzha and Thiruvananthapuram participated in this event

IEDC and TBI Webinar on “Opportunities in Automative Industry”

01 July 2021
IEDC (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre) and TBI (Technology Business Incubator) MESITAM in association with ECTA organized a Webinar by Mr. Arjun Udayakumar Sherly (EDrive, ADAS HIL R&D, American Axle USA and Co-Founder of 2point3becs) through Google Meet at 5 pm and was attended by around 70 participants from various Colleges in South Kerala

Dept Farewell for 2020 and 2021 ECE pass-out batches:

15 September 2021
ECTA (Electronics and Communication Engg Technical Association) in association with Dept of ECE conducted a Farewell for the ECE 2020-passout and 2021-passout batches at ECE Seminar Hall at 2 pm.
Class Toppers and Students (of both batches) who have got placement in Reputed Companies recently were felicitated in this function. Besides, Mr Swalih S, Dept of ECE was also felicitated for having completed more than 25 years of Service in various MES Institutions across Kerala.

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